Karen Booth Promoted to Associate Partner of Pabla + Pabla Solicitors

Karen Booth Promoted to Associate Partner of Pabla + Pabla Solicitors

Karen Booth Promoted to Associate Partner of Pabla + Pabla Solicitors

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Karen Booth to Associate Partner of Pabla + Pabla Solicitors. Karen joined the firm two years ago and became the Head of the Clinical Negligence team within 12 months.

In Karens short time as the Head of Department, she has rapidly accelerated growth, hit billing targets, trained other members of the team, and has put very strong foundations in place for a successful department with a bright future.

Following Karen’s Promotion, Karen has taken part in a Q&A to reflect on her time with Pabla’s and the promotion.

Looking back to when you joined the firm, what made you choose Pabla’s and what were your expectations of the firm?

I chose Pabla solicitors due to the friendly and professional ethos of the firm.  From the interview process right through to the first day and beyond I was made welcome and felt part of a Team. It was clearly evident that management nurtured a work culture of work life balance maintaining a calm, strong progressive working environment where client care was prominent.  I approached a couple of contacts as to their impression and the feedback was outstanding and reflected my impression.  As they say, first impressions count.

Would you say that Pabla’s are different to other companies you have worked for in the past? If so, what parts have you enjoyed which may be different to what you’ve experienced previously?

I was amazed that a Managing Partner would have his desk located with staff at all levels.  This management style of all working in the same direction hands on approach is reflective throughout the firm.

What is your experience in Clinical Negligence? Who have you worked for / what types of work have you been involved in?

I originally come from a Personnel and Training background with an IPM Certificate in Personnel and Training however following redundancy and then 7 years working in a Building Society as a Mortgage Underwriter and Investment Advisor, I came to a career in law at 28 years old with a little life experience and a passion to help others. I chose the CILEX route as it allowed me to work and study at the same time.

My non-legal work experience enabled me to connect with clients and fellow staff quickly by identifying a common interest.  For example, I even watched a couple of episodes of Peaky Blinders so I could connect with a colleague and break the ice.  This formed a life long professional friendship.

I have worked for both large and small law firms and on both sides of the fence, Defendant and Claimant.  I have dealt with PI claims of all different categories and levels in my 26 years; starting as an RTA Secretary and Trainee Fee Earner through to EL/PL Claims, Industrial Disease, Group Litigation Work and then moving onto Clinical Negligence.  I found my calling in Clinical Negligence due to the opportunity to be involved in supporting clients and the medical technical expertise required resulting in an opportunity to learn every day.

I have been involved in many catastrophic cases including Birth Injuries, which is where my heart lies and is an opportunity, I am ever grateful for.

What is it about Clinical Negligence that makes you love what you do?

The ability to make a difference to my client’s life and get them not only answers but also compensation to allow their life to be more manageable. Raising awareness of mistakes so that the same mistake hopefully is not repeated.

In your work you can see the emphasis you put around building the team to be one, how important do you see a harmonic group towards the success of the department?

The old saying “there is no I in Team” is a little cliché but it is true.  It is important to allow every member of the Team to feel involved with the Team and progression of the Department.  It is important that every member is allowed to voice their opinion and ideas.  The Team members all have very different personalities, and it is important to identify a common denominator with each one.

The continuity of the Team members provides reassurance to the clients.  When a client builds a rapport and trust with a Team member it is important that that Team member has the support to meet the client’s needs. The Team has a common goal and that is one of client care and justice. My background in Personnel and Training also helps.

Over the past 12-18 months the department has grown rapidly, did you expect this growth to be possible and what potential do you see in further growth in the department?

I took over as Head of Department in April 2023.  I did not envisage the Team would grow so quickly and the fact it has is a testament to every member’s hard work.

I hope that growth will be slow and steady.  It is important to recruit the right calibre of Team member to compliment the Team.  This is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

On your promotion to Associate Partner of Pabla’s, what were your initial feelings when hearing the news and where does it rank in your career highlights?

I was completely overwhelmed and so grateful.  Most definitely a career highlight and I am grateful for the trust and belief the Partners have bestowed in me.

Looking ahead to the next few years, what ambitions do you have on a personal level and as a department?

To build the Team to be the largest in the Firm and of course the most profitable.  Not just this but also to see the Team Leaders within the Team flourish into experienced Supervisors and for 3 members of the Team to qualify as solicitors.

I have already informed them I will be at the front of the Hall cheering them on with balloons and streamers.

Is there anything else you would like to add to summarise your promotion?

I would simply like to summarise by offering my deep and sincere thank you to the Partners for their support, trust and this opportunity to build an amazing Department.