Pressure Sore Prevention

Pressure Sore Prevention

Pressure Sore Prevention

Pressure Sores are far too common within UK care homes as in almost every instance, pressure sores are preventable. Pressure sores tend to develop while residents are lying in bed for prolonged periods of time, with a particular part of their body being put under pressure.

Pressure sores can be extremely painful and cause large amounts of discomfort. They can take months to heal, and in certain cases will never heal. It is not uncommon for care home residents to pass away as a result of infections developed from pressure sores. Therefore, it is vitally important that staff within care homes check in on the residents and ensure they are regularly turned to reduce the risk of pressure sores building up.

We want to make clear that many Care Homes and Nursing Homes provide an excellent level of service for their residents. Unfortunately, Care Homes within the UK are understaffed and underfunded by the government up and down the country. This means that many residents are unable to receive the attention they desperately need. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic only added to the strain on care homes, with family visits limited and further staff shortages during these outbreaks.

Following the pandemic, relatives will have started to visit their parents and grandparents in care. They may notice that their loved one has deteriorated at a quicker rate than they would have expected – this may be down to the treatment they’ve received.

How can Pabla + Pabla Solicitors assist you?

Our solicitors look to claim compensation for the pain and suffering which was caused because of the neglect within the care home.

We aim to raise awareness and improve standards of these care homes by demonstrating how these injuries could and should have been prevented.

The most common types of injuries caused within a care home include; pressure sores, injuries from falls, dehydration, abuse from residents or staff, as well as other avoidable medical problems.

If your relative has suffered as a result of any of these injuries, please contact Pabla’s today on 0161 446 1122 for a confidential, no-obligation discussion regarding any concerns that you may have. Alternatively, you can get in touch at