Clinical Negligence Expansion Announced 12 months after department opens

Clinical Negligence Expansion Announced 12 months after department opens

Clinical Negligence Expansion Announced 12 months after department opens


After opening our Clinical Negligence department on May 21st 2021, we set out a target of expanding the department over the coming 12-18 months. The ambition was to have a team of 3-4 solicitors working within this department, giving us an opportunity to help more clients who had suffered from negligent treatment. Not only was this achieved in a much faster time-period than anticipated, we now have four full time staff working within this department, just 12 months after its formation.

Head of Clinical Negligence, Joanne Maher quickly established herself at Pabla’s and set her sights upon growing the department. Just two months into the role, Joanne’s early success meant that the work coming into the department was too much for just one individual to handle. Therefore, in July 2021, Niamh McManus was appointed as our Clinical Negligence Assistant.

Twelve months on from the opening of the department, the Clinical Negligence department is continuing to thrive. Due to this success, we are delighted to announce the introductions of Karen Booth and Kirsty Buckley into the Clinical Negligence team.

Kirsty Buckley, Associate Partner at Pabla’s has decided to move away from Road Traffic Accident claims, to be a part of an exciting challenge within the clinical negligence team.

Karen Booth joins Pabla’s as a Senior Lawyer within our Clinical Negligence team after a distinguished career over the previous 24 years. Karen’s 24-year legal career has involved Head of Department and senior roles specialising in personal injury, industrial disease, and clinical negligence. Karen has extensive experience in dealing with Clinical Negligence claims, where clients have suffered some of the most life-changing physical and psychological injuries.

Whilst ensuring that claimants are awarded the highest possible damages at the shortest possible time through her proactive approach, Karen always ensures they are treated with utmost care and respect. During one of the most stressful periods in the claimant’s lives, Karen always makes sure they are kept fully informed and supported throughout the process.

This has led to some excellent testimonials throughout Karen’s career;


Feb 16 2021 – “…Karen Booth senior Solicitor took over case, lovely person goes into great detail to explain everything couldn’t fault the service she has provided 5*.”

August 16 2021 –I would like to thank Karen booth, she has been a tower of strength to me during a very difficult case. There are lots of people to thank working behind the scenes, but Karen has always kept me informed every step of the way. I was very nervous when I originally sought there help yet now, I have the confidence to carry this through thanks to Karen and the team.

June 13, 2018 – “Karen has gone the extra mile with my medical negligence case and I have never met somebody so compassionate and trust worthy. She is a professional through and through and always has her clients best interests at heart!


If yourself or a family member have suffered an injury which you believe is the result of negligent treatment then please get in touch using the following contact information.

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