Care Home Claims

Care Home Claims

Care Home Claims

The UK population is living longer, and as a result the number of elderly care-home residents is increasing each year. With more residents going into care, this should not be met with a reduction in the quality of care received. We have found that due to staff shortages, front-line workers are under enormous pressure to look after our elderly population.

Although most staff are doing a fantastic job, unfortunately, they are often let down by a lack of funding. With many UK care homes left under enormous pressure, many residents don’t receive the care and attention that they require.

It is frighteningly apparent that there is very little awareness in the UK as to how to deal with any type of suffering, neglect, or abuse within the care home sector. We are striving to raise awareness to the problems within some care homes and, ideally, improve standards for everybody.

We have found that the number of residents who have experienced suffering within a care home environment is concerningly high. Standard complaints tend to include pressure sores, dehydration, unsanitary conditions, incorrect medication, lack of exercise, and bodily injury. There are also sadly some incidents of abuse.

We have a specialist team of solicitors in place dealing with these claims. Our solicitors aim to ensure your loved ones receive the proper standard of care moving forward. We also aim to assist the client in claiming the compensation which they deserve. If this is too late, we aim to raise awareness of these issues to ensure future residents don’t suffer the same neglect.

If you believe your parent or relative has not received the care which they should be receiving within a UK care home, please contact Pabla’s on 0161 446 1122, or alternatively by emailing

All claims are brought on a no win, no fee basis.