Why you should make a Will

Why you should make a Will

Why you should make a Will

Death is a subject which most of us don’t want to think about. However, have you thought about the following matters?

  1. Who you would like to benefit when you die?
  2. If you have children, would you like them to receive an equal inheritance?
  3. If you have minor children, have you discussed with your children’s mother/ father who would be their Guardian if you both died?
  4. Are there any family members who you wouldn’t like to leave an inheritance to? Without a Will, this could very well happen!
  5. Who would you like to inherit from your Estate if your first choice of beneficiaries died?

People often leave it too late and die without making a Will which commonly causes problems for the loved ones left behind. This can also complicate things during the Probate process. Therefore, it is important to consider your affairs now and make a Will.

Alternatively, if you already have a Will in place, how long ago did you make it? When was the last time you reviewed it? It is worthwhile reviewing your existing Will regularly to ensure that it still meets with your wishes and that there have been no changes in your circumstances since you last made your Will.

If you would like to make a Will or amend your existing Will, please get in touch with Suzy Bhaker, Head of Wills & Probate to discuss your matter.

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