Can I sponsor my spouse to the UK?

Can I sponsor my spouse to the UK?

I am unemployed, can I still sponsor my spouse to the UK?

It is possible for you to sponsor your partner to join in the UK if you are unemployed. Whilst the general route of applying for a spouse visa is widely known, namely that as the British or settled Sponsor, you must satisfy the financial requirements and show a minimum annual income level of £18,600. A lesser-known route of applying for your spouse to join you in the UK, if you are unemployed, is the ‘adequate maintenance’ route.

What is the adequate maintenance route?

The adequate maintenance route is an exception to satisfying the financial requirements. You may qualify for the maintenance route if you are unemployed and in receipt any one of the following benefits:

  • –          Carers allowance,
  • –          Disability living allowance,
  • –          Severe disablement allowance,
  • –          Personal independence allowance (PIP),
  • –          Industrial injuries allowance,
  • –          Attendance allowance,
  • –          Armed forces independence payment,
  • –          Constant attendance allowed, or
  • –          Police injury pension

What do I need show?

To rely on the maintenance route, you will need to show that you are in receipt of the one of the above specified benefits.

How do I calculate the maintenance?

Adequate maintenance is calculated by deducting income tax, national insurance contributions and housing costs from your total income. The amount left should be the same or greater than what you would have received if you were in receipt of income support.

Will my partner have to settle under a 10-year route under the maintenance option?

Your spouse can still settle in the UK with the 5 year settlement option, if you can satisfy the maintenance requirements. Please note that if you stop receiving one of the above specified benefits, you will not be able to continue to rely on this route.

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